Copiapoa seed kit
Growth records of Copiapoa seed kit
numberCopiapoa seeds kitsowing datesowing quantitiesgermination at May/3/'97germination at May/17/'97percentage of germination observation at Jul/30/'97observation at Oct/25/'97observation at May/10/'98 at Nov./17/'98observation at April/17/'99at May/05/'00at May/05/'01at Nov.'05
No.1C.serpentisulcata4/19307723.3%71.0-0.5(7) white to brown sp2.0-1.2 (7) light brown sp4.5-2.0(7)
No.2C.cinerascens4/1929101241.4%111.0-0.3(10) light brown sp2.5-1.0(8) light brown sp3.5-1.5(5)
No.3C.cinerea v.columna-alba4/192981034.5%81.0-0.5(5) white to light brown sp2.0-1.2(5) light brown-lighy yellow brown sp
No.4C.longistaminea4/19277933.3%91.0-0.3(9) black to white sp1.7-0.5(8) black-white sp2.5-1.5(5) black sp
No.6C.longistaminea4/1829141448.3%131.0-0.3(12) light brown sp2.0-1.0(10) brown-light brown sp3.5-2.5(8) brown sp
No.7C.cinerea4/2023111043.5%91.0-0.3(8) black sp2.0-1.2(6) black sp3.0-1.5(6)
No.8C.cinerea4/22257832.0%81.0-0.5(6) black to white sp?3.5-1.5(5)
No.9C.cinerea4/22278725.9%61.0-0.7(4) black sp2.2-0.7(4) black sp3.0-1.5(4)
No.10C.cinerea4/20 & 4/2233131339.4%111.0-0.7(8) black sp2.5-1.5(8) black sp3.5-2.0(8)
No.11C.cinerea4/19 & 4/2234152058.8%191.0-0.5(14) black sp2.2-1.5(14) black sp4.5-1.5(14)
No.12C.tenebrosa4/20 & 4/2242222559.5%231.0-0.7(20) brown sp2.0-1.5(?) yellow white sp3.5-2.0(17) yellow sp
No.13C.krainziana4/20163318.8%21.0-0.5(2) white sp1.8-1.3(2) white sp2.5(2) one is harilike whit4e sp,other is straight sp
No.14C.tenebrosa4/191991157.9%111.0-0.3(10) white to brown sp2.5-1.0(8) black-yellow white sp, intermedium betwwen cinerea and haselto.4.0-1.5(7) yellow sp, like haseltoniana
No.15C.krainziana4/1813111076.9%101.0-0.5(10) white sp2.2-1.0(7) white sp3.0-2.0(6) hairlike white sp
No.16C.cinerea v.albispina4/1922111045.5%101.0-0.3(10) white to black sp2.3-0.7(10) clear black sp
this seedlings include below plants with long white spines.
cinerea-krainzinana complex ?
No.17C.gigantea4/2218101477.8%121.0-0.5(11) white to light brown sp2.2-1.5(?) yellow white-brown sp3.5-3.0(6)
No.18C.haseltoniana4/2023131356.5%131.0-0.5(13) white sp2.3-1.5(11) yellow white-light brown3.0-2.0(10) one is like krainziana
No.19C.haseltoniana4/20193842.1%41.0-0.5(3) 2.3-1.5(3) yellow white sp4.0-3.0(3)
No.20C.solaris4/19103440.0%71.0-0.5(6) brown to yellow brown sp2.0-1.0(5) red brown-light brown sp
one is
yellow sp

No.21C.sp nova (Botija)4/20102220.0%0

Observation data are from maximum size in CM to minimum size , (quantities of plants) and comments.