Growth records of the seed kit.

I have interest in genus copiapoas. Three years ago, I bought a beautiful book 'Copiapoa in their environment' with seed kit. The authors of the book have been trying to research the survey information of genus copiapoa.
I will cooperate with their project. In this homepage, I put up seedling data for the seed kit survey information on the book. Species contained in the kit are shown in the next table. And I put up my seedling data of other seeds. Enjoy it as well there are many articles for cactus.

number specieslocation
No.1C.serpentisulcataCerro Chanaral 350m
No.2C.cinerascensAgua Hedionde Valley 150m
No.3C.cinerea v.columna-albaSecret Valley 310m
No.4C.longistamineaSecret Valley 300m
No.5C.esmeraldanaGuanillos Valley 220m
No.6C.longistamineaTrigillo 50m
No.7C.cinereaLos Andes Valley 240m
No.8C.cinereahilltop south of Taltal Road 660m
No.9C.cinereamine south of Taltal Road 760m
No.10C.cinereaCerro Breas 1000m
No.11C.cinereaMount Perales Road 640m
No.12C.tenebrosanear summit of Mount Perales 1020m
No.13C.krainzianaupper San Roman Valley
No.14C.tenebrosaSan Roman Valley 280m
No.15C.krainzianahilltop N of San Roman Valley 670m
No.16C.cinerea v.albispinaPunta Camarones 80m
No.17C.giganteaCaleta Oliva 150m
No.18C.haseltonianaCachinalito 90m
No.19C.haseltonianaPunta Camarones 70m
No.20C.solarisBotija Valley 390m
No.21C.sp nova (Botija)Botija Valley 540m

after 6 months

after 11 months

after 19 months

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